About us

Moxy Up is a non-profit organization which guides young people to improve areas they feel is necessary where they work, live and socialize through positive mentoring and leadership practices. Moxy Up focuses on providing a safe and respectable environment for ages 13-25 years old. Exceptions to the age criteria will be made based upon a case-by-case review.



Did you know what you wanted to do when you were young?

Moxy Up partners with our community businesses and leaders to share skills and talents to our young persons to show them areas of interest. Where we work, live and play teaches young people how to be successful. Your experience is the best education. Contact us for an hour of your time.


Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing

Show Us What You Do In The "Real" World.


Technical Presentation

Technical Presentation

Come Show Us What You Do and How It Impacts Our Community.


Social Interaction

Social Interaction

Adults Sharing Their Healthy Interests and Passions.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

Albert Einstein 

Schedule of Events

Thursdays @6:00pm: Connections

Fridays & Saturdays: Reserved for FUN Social Events

*Community events are scheduled as dates and times are reserved*

Moxy Brochure

Civic Engagement

“Working to make a difference in the civic life of one’s community”

  • Civic Action- or participation in activities such as volunteering or service-learning to help better the community
  • Civic Commitment or Duty- or the willingness to make positive contributions to society
  • Civic Skills – or the ability to be involved in civil society, politics, and democracy
  • Social Cohesion – or a sense of reciprocity, trust and bonding to others
Moxy Up
Moxy Up

Governing Board

Coleen Lawrence- President/Executive Director

Sophia Roussakis- Secretary/Director

Amanda Johnson-Treasurer/Director

Jennifer Bonk- Director

Christy Raynes- Director


Moxy Up is staffed by Peer Supporters to ensure our younger generations are connected with team members who may best relate to their situation.

Moxy Up