We strive to operate with a transparent use of donations for those that need the assistance from Moxy Up with the assistance of gracious partners. Any private donors have the ability to request how they would like to apply their funds to Moxy Up. We are a community and it takes a community effort for success. Please contact Moxy Up for our tax ID number for your gifts.

Community Rewards

National companies’ partner with local non-profit companies such as Moxy Up. When you shop and sign up with their rewards program, the company sends a percentage of yoursales back to Moxy Up. It does not impact your sales or rewards account.


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Level of effort- EASY 15 minute sign up

Group Sponsorship

Moxy Up focuses on delivering Peer Support Groups in our communities for teens and young adults. For the growth and continuity of our volunteers we offer a stipend to facilitate the groups. All peers have been certified through multiple programs and are dedicated to developing leadership within our communities. Each group requires two facilitators. Below are opportunities you can assist us in supporting the volunteers in these programs.

1 month of adult “Connections” Substance Use and Awareness Peer Group $260

1 month of adult “Flip Your Story” Re-Entry Peer Group $260

Event/Campaign Sponsorship

Moxy Up is about developing leadership in our communities through mentoring. We will continually be running campaigns and events on the platform of positive socialization. This decreases mental health and the use of illicit drug use and increases healthy habits. You can support us through these campaigns and raise awareness of positive socialization and peer support.

Our first campaign is participating in Tough Mudder Las Vegas #MoxyMudders Help us raise awareness that positive teamwork no matter how tough your situation will get you through life! Follow us on social media. Like. Share. Spread the word #BigGoalsBigResults"




It takes a village... And we have a gracious State! Thank you to those who are assisting us in building Nevada’s next leaders. Below are just a few

Moxy Up Space – A positive social interaction for you to be you

We appreciate general donations. All services here at Moxy Up are free and your general donations can be applied one-time or reoccurring!

Here are how we apply our general donations:

  • Bus passes to Moxy Up
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Education supplies and certifications
  • Job skills and certifications
  • Special events for positive socialization and healthy behaviors
  • Medical, Behavioral, and Peer Support Services

What donations do not go towards:

  • Donations are never applied towards Executive Director salaries
  • Donations are never applied towards Executive Director travel costs or conferences

Moxy Up is a non-profit Corporation, recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. The purpose of the corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, social and physical environments that promote good health through mentoring practices within the mention of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including providing a safe, inclusive environment for young people and their families to explore, create, learn and grow through improving social and health determinants.