Remembering 9/11


Nineteen years ago this day our nation was struck by a tragedy that most of us still can’t comprehend how it could of happened on our great soil. This morning as I was drinking coffee in our center, I had a pleasant conversation with our youth and I realized that we are now raising the generations of youth that are blessed to have never have lived through that terrifying morning. For them, it is a concept as it was for many of us to hear about the assasination of President JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We knew growing up that these were monumental times in history. They were times that were never to be forgotten. We were not there but we felt them. It was up to our elders to tell and show us the importance of “why” it was so important. This is the importance of generations. To pass on history. I will never forget that day or the peace that came on 9/12. I will also never stop telling the story to our youth. They need to know what our nation is really about. Our nation on 9/11. The heros who saved lives, the heros who lost families, the heros who kept perservering after the dust settled. Resiliency takes hope and that was us from 9/12 forward. We will #NeverForget #MoxyUp #MentoringOurYouth #MentoringNV #ThankfulForOurFirstResponders #MentoringOfficers #FireMentors

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